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den 24 oktober 2007


Erik Sandblom

Hej, Kul att ni sett cykelartiklarna.

Beijingbor verkar tycka att cyklar är för fattiglappar, så pengar sparar man till annat. Jag tror det var den här killen som åkte dit och såg att cyklarna inte ens har pedaler.


Erik Sandblom

Nu har jag hittat avsnittet om dåliga cyklar i Beijing:

"With the single exception of the hotel porter who told me he rode 30km daily, I never saw any clear indicators of joy or pride in bicycles or bicycling per se among the tens of thousands of cyclists I pedaled past. A shocking proportion ride with saddles too low, handlebars askew, chains dragging, hunched over and bobbing, very, very slowly. They pedal with the arch instead of the ball of the foot over the pedal spindle, seemingly without exception, and I looked long. Frequently the pedal platforms are gone, so the bare spindles settle in the crook of their shoes’ heels. I used to think these were marks of inexperienced cyclists; now I know they can also indicate merely an indifference to technique or maintenance so profound it’s beyond the reach of pain to correct.

No wonder Chinese bicyclists in their hundreds of millions appear to want cars, and will make huge sacrifices to get them, preferably stylish ones. The idea of spending a tiny fraction of that cost on better bicycles, stylish ones that can go fast, comfortably, safely, that can carry things and maybe have lights and so on, this idea is nowhere in evidence, unless the “no pedal” bicycle motorization trend can be substituted. They don’t seem to want to improve the working model of bicycle transportation they already have, but to replace it with an automotive one"


Jag tycker det verkar vara den attityden många svenskar bär på. En cykel får inte kosta nåt och då kan man inte använda den till särskilt mycket saker heller.

Kanske delvis beroende på stöldrisken? Vi behöver nog bättre möjligheter att låsa in våra eventuellt fina, dyrbara cyklar.

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